League History: 2001  
Fantasy sports was starting to take off in such places as offices, dorm rooms, and frat houses, so the league decided to jump on the bandwagon and produce one of their own in 2001. I don't recall the rules, but I do recall the shear surprise people had when it was heard that the 20-man league was filled only days after the new 2001 design was launched. The teams were divided into four divisions of five, where the winner of each division was guaranteed amazing prizes like a free year 2002 calendar, a signed soda can by Eric Christensen, Mickey Kendall's game-worn underwear, and special grass taken directly from a spot somwhere near a lawn that was kind of close to the field. Terry Creighton was placed in charge of the online Fantasy League and he did an admirable job, constantly updating a site that you have to admit would look rather ridiculous to an outsider. Some people were wondering if www.wiffleball2k.com was jumping the shark after years of quality content. Those people were wrong...the site would not begin to jump the shark until mid-2002.

Of course, by saying that Fantasy Wiffleball brought the league back to prominence, I'm lying. The actual cause of the returned enjoyment came because the league finally joined the 21st century. They got rid of the randomly picked teams garbage they'd been farting around with since its inception and formed five set teams before the season. Each team would hold four players and each team would have its own 36-game schedule for the season. The top 3 teams would make the playoffs (#2 and #3-ranked teams facing off to then face the #1-ranked team in the Series at the Sac), and the world would restore order. Captains were decided upon, and teams were drafted. Captains were also allowed to name their own team (and design its logo). The Horsemen (Joey Creighton as captain), Road Warriors (Terry Creighton), Holy Whites (Scott Carmichael), Young and the Restless (Greg Creighton), and Wiffolution 51 (Casey Sylvester) were the official teams in the league.

The set teams and set schedules led to 2001 setting the record for most games played. Eighty three games were played that season, not including the All-Star Weekend and the Playoffs, and the league saw over 2850 ABs. Scott Carmichael won every award thanks to another unbelievable season and his team easily won the title after finishing the regular season 26-9.

The league also, thanks to its website, made some new "friends" from SF, a rag-tag group of misfits known as the KGJWFBL. An annual series was planned with each league making one visit per season to the other league's confines and competing within the other league's rules. The Chico league made the first trip, driving down to the Bay only to have Joey Creighton nut up by walking in 3 runs and leading his team to a 7-6 loss. The KGJWFBL then traveled up to the mysterious Sacramento Valley only to watch in awe (or boredom, we forget) at our annual HR Derby and then lose to us 44-0. We then told the sons o' bitches to hit the road and laughed as all 9 of them piled into a Honda Accord and started the figurative 20 hour drive home. Actually, we didn't laugh...cause we kind of felt bad for them.

All in all, 2001 was probably the greatest season the league had seen to date and was a welcome rebound from the drama-infested 2000 season. Which of course meant the front office would get complacent and the 2002 season would be a complete bust.